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Second-Hand Shock: Surviving and Overcoming Vicarious Trauma                Rapid Advance Process: The Bridge to I Am

Praise for Second-Hand Shock:
Surviving & Overcoming Vicarious Trauma

Co-Authors: Ellie Izzo Ph.D. and Vicki Carpel Miller

Second-Hand Shock, Price: $19.95

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Mary L. Pulido, Ph.D., Executive Director - New York, NY, USA
The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

"Practitioners in many professional arenas experience Secondary Traumatic Stress and Vicarious Traumatization as a result of constant exposure to traumatic client problems and due to their empathy for their clients.  It is essential that care providers learn to recognize and respond to these issues with both professional support and a self-care regime. “Second-Hand Shock: Surviving & Overcoming Vicarious Trauma” is an engaging and substantive contribution to the field.  It engages the reader in self-reflection of one’s own work, provides insightful case examples and offers a novel guide to help mitigate the impact of STS. It will be embraced by those eager to help themselves so that they can continue to help others."

Nancy J. Ross, LCSW, BCD - Cupertino, CA, USA
Co-founder of Collaborative Divorce
Co-author of "Divorce: A Problem to be Solved, Not a Battle to be Fought"

"Vicki Carpel Miller and Ellie Izzo’s book on the often subtle, but very real traumatic side effects, of being a professional helper fills a vacuum in the field of trauma. This much needed book on vicarious trauma provides those of us in the mental health field not only an explanation for the unacknowledged symptoms that often accompany the intense work we do, but with concrete tools to address them. In the accompanying workbook, helpers can both define the impact of “second-hand trauma” on their emotional health as well as learn coping skills to manage it. This is a “must read” for every serious therapist who cares about his or her own emotional well-being."

William (“Bill”) Eddy, LCSW, Esq. Author, Attorney, Therapist, Speaker Co-Founder & President, High Conflict Institute Scottsdale, Arizona

"Vicarious trauma is one of the most important issues for any professional working with traumatized and/or difficult clients. And all indicators are that this problem is increasing. From legal to healthcare professionals, from therapists to collaborative divorce advisors, and many others, there is a growing need for information like this excellent book for keeping yourself balanced and healthy while being exposed to the increasing stresses in our high conflict and high stress society."

Mateja Dobovsek - Slovenia, European Union
Judge at District Court of Ljubljana

"In ten years of working as a judge I heard numerous stories, many of them were quite sad, some of them even horrible. As a professional you just deal with them. Because of due procedures, which are rather strict, especially in criminal law, you do not involve feelings and you try to resolve everything according to the law. The amount of work makes you tired and sometimes hopeless because new cases are appearing every day and work seems endless. The book made me think that perhaps it is not only the amount of work but also the contents of this work that affects us. Until I read the book I never thought that those stories stay with me, even unconsciously, for me it was simply stress of work. The book helped me to understand that even the helper can get into the position when he needs help himself and that constant giving can empty you.

I would definitely recommend this book to judges, prosecutors, lawyers and police officers because their work rarely results with happy ending, usually it is not rewarding and they do not get enough compensation for long hours dedicated to common welfare. All that can lead to frustration and in the end you are not capable of functioning properly so it is very important to identify the problem before it hits you and with help of this book you can deal with it. The book showed me again that only a happy healthy individual is in position to help those less fortunate and asking for help should not be a shame."

Roslyn Golfman, Ph.D. - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Certified Psychologist

"Betty Friedan, a feminist, in her book The Feminine Mystique (1963) coined the term "The problem that has no name" to identify the full-time homemaker role which she deemed to be stifling. Ellie and Vicki have now identified in their book "Second-Hand Shock: Surviving & Overcoming Vicarious Trauma" another problem that has no name. "Helpers frequently find themselves compromised physically, emotionally and spiritually without recognizing that they are suffering from Vicarious Trauma." Finally, they have identified a valuable topic for all helping professionals that has not previously been addressed."

Rita S. Pollak - Brookline, MA, USA
Past-President, International Association of Collaborative Professionals

"This is the first book that I am aware of which addresses the issues of secondary trauma on those of us who are working with victims of trauma. Ellie Izzo and Vicki Carpel Miller have taken their many years of experience and created a way for the rest of us to understand and appreciate the hidden costs, psychological, emotional, physical and personal, to professionals who have dedicated themselves to helping families. While most professionals who work with families in crisis are intensely focused on the family, few are aware of the impact of that focus on themselves. We have been trained to think about others and have neglected to make the connection between caring for our own well-being with being good caregivers to others. The examples given in the book ring true to life; we will all recognize these stories. The scientific information about brain function is the most up-to-date research about what’s really going on. The authors write in a clear, straightforward style so that this book will be read and used by their colleagues for many years to come; we will do a better job for our clients having read Second-Hand Shock: Surviving & Overcoming Vicarious Trauma."

Bojan Dobovsek, Ph.D. - Maribor, Slovenia, European Union
Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security, University of Maribor

"The introduction is very clear and methodologically well structured that a reader gets an idea on main topics. Second part is more practically oriented and press the reader to think about personal trauma. Book is well structured and concise in presentation of the text and the arguments and with focused and relevant examples. The book will be very useful because it promotes prevention ideas also. It seems to me that preventive measures (before trauma appears) are the best part of book that the people will be careful on signs of trauma even when they are not visible yet. The quality of book is shown through examples and conclusions which are easy to follow and give a clear picture on problems.

Analyzing the situations, readers will transform it to similar problems in our surroundings, since we cannot copy directly solutions from United States culture. Thus, readers, especially ones that are not from the United States, would most probably find it easy to follow the line of reasoning. Similar books are usually insufficient of practice examples and are hard to follow. Overall, the issue is very interesting from a practical point of view."Back to Top

Praise for The Bridge to I Am

Author: Ellie Izzo Ph.D.

The Bridge to I Am, Price: $14.95

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Jake Goldman, New York, NY, USA

"The Bridge to I Am is the only self help book you'll ever need. I never understood the healing power of my own spirit until I recognized my impasse and reconnected. The five steps are user friendly and provide a great journey to self discovery. Everyone deserves to know this information!"

Norma Milner, Esquire - Scottsdale, AZ, USA

"Dr. Izzo has helped me deal with past experiences in such a healthy and holistic way. Each time I read this book I have the ability to clear my mind and change my perception on thoughts that are toxic, unproductive and un-loving. This provides me the ability to be a better mother, wife and lawyer. This book has truly improved my quality of life!" Back to Top

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