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Customized training and speaking engagements are available from the professionals at the Vicarious Trauma Institute. Professionals in a wide array of helping professions can greatly benefit from learning how to deal with the affects of Second-Hand Shock™.

Vicarious Trauma Institute Services

Workshops • Treatment • Education • Consultations

Designed specially for helping professionals or lay helpers experiencing Vicarious Trauma, our professional trainers come to your organization, group or event and even to individuals to provide uniquely customized training for your needs.

VTI will customize workshops and retreats. Your event can range from one half-day workshop or presentation to a multi-day workshop or weekend retreat. Topics may include:

  • Recognizing and treating symptoms:
    • Physiological, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual

  • The Miracle Worker Reverie:
    • Recognizing and respecting one's own limits

  • The Neuroscience of Controlled Empathy, Trauma, and Vicarious Trauma

  • The Rapid Advance Process for debrief and relief

  • Professional and organizational strategizing:
    • Balancing caseloads and staffing difficult cases

  • General coping strategies

  • Creating professional safety

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