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Customized training and speaking engagements are available from the professionals at the Vicarious Trauma Institute. Professionals in a wide array of helping professions can greatly benefit from learning how to deal with the affects of Second-Hand Shock™.

What is Vicarious Trauma?

“How do you do this all day?” How many times have we as helping professionals been asked this question only to respond with a look on our faces that hardly represents our true feelings?  Unless, of course, you are talking with another person who has walked a mile in your shoes – anyone who serves as a “good ear” - one who can empathize with your authentic response to that commonly asked question.

Vicarious Trauma is defined as a transformation in the helper’s inner sense of identity and existence that results from utilizing controlled empathy when listening to clients’ trauma-content narratives. In other words, Vicarious Trauma is what happens to your neurological (or cognitive), physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health when you listen to traumatic stories day after day or respond to traumatic situations while having to control your reaction.   

A transformation occurs to your inner-self as well as your perception of the world around you, that can cause serious impairment—depression, anxiety, addiction—and can put you at serious risk for complaints to your licensure board.

Every time we interact from a position of compassion, controlling our empathic response with clients, patients, friends, congregants, strangers or neighbors, we are putting ourselves at risk.

The professionals at the Vicarious Trauma Institute help you find relief. We provide a variety of books, training services (standard and customized),  online resources, and other products. VTI can customize solutions that will work for individuals and groups. We will also customize our solutions to fit your profession or business. Please contact us today.

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